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Blog sobre mis proyectos. mi nombre Beyra pero me llaman Bella (por la princesa) panama. ahora 20 años pasatiempos: me gusta hacer comics, leer / hago novelas tragicas/ adoro lo grunge, las películas de los 70 hasta ahora. hasta ahora estoy haciendo una inspirado en un juego,  ex-gamer, leo libros de los AC, 30 seconds to mars/dita von teese/anime/ciencia/ingles/Rock/vintage/dibujo /catolica/emo/amor libre...

Night out with the Assassins!


Altair is talking to a group of potheads about philosophy

Ezio has a crowd of girls around him

Connor is constantly getting hit on by women, but isn’t really sure what’s going on

Aveline is charming guys to get us all free drinks

Edward is drunk dancing on the dance floor

Adewale keeps holding Edward up, but is also sick of his shit

Arno keeps looking at his phone because Elise is constantly checking on him. He may have to leave in a few minutes to get back to ‘bae’

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Dan Jeannotte (aka Arno Dorian) proving once again that he is absolutely cute
Reblog if you have this:



…and are willing to share it with people that want to get to know you or RP :)

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Connor:  Dad I'm home
Hatham:  Connor, your school called us today
Connor:  .................
Hatham:  ...............
Connor:  ................
Hatham:  son, we need to set some ground rules-
Edward:  here is a hi-five a cookie and a new videogame your bedtime is never


Person: What do you want to study at university?

Me: History haha :)

person: wow what a waste why would you want to study dead people???



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Edward Kenway Appearance Trailer [x] — Requested.

The most feared Assassin hunter.

i present u
the kenweys

Assassin’s Creed: Rogue

ƒᴀɪᴛʜ  — a Connor Kenway FanMix (listen)
"It is better to have faith in something, than none at all."

young blood - lynx  // dark paradise - lana del rey // no light, no light - florence + the machine // resistance - muse // little lion man - mumford and sons // who we are - imagine dragons //  things we lost in the fire - bastille // haunt - bastille // cover your tracks - a boy & his kite // follow you down to the red oak tree - james vincent mcmorrow // half as tall - a boy & his kite // witch - the chain gang of 1974